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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 19, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. good morning, happening now, the vow pope frances made
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overnight. marking the 10th anniversary over the war in iraq, we will tell you about the bay area memorial for those killed. and putting them in strong contention for hosting super bowl 50, ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. it is tuesday march 19th, i am brian flores. >> good morning for waking up with us early, almost 4:30 steve paulson. almost 4:30 a.m. it is 4:28. >> we had light sprinkles and we have some light rain today, a few high 60s, here is sal.
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highway 4 as you come through, it is not a bad commute at all, and it is not bad on 680 as you drive towards walnut creek. and on the san mateo bridge looks good going out to the high-rise. happening right now, pope frances has been officially nominated to serve the poor evident and the week -- poorest and the weakest. six hours ago he was given a key symbol, before being installed he circled st. peters square in an open vehicle which was not surrounded by broke glass and he bent down to kiss the disabled man in the crowd. they watched the installation
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and vice-president joseph biden watched the mass. a woman is in the hospital after being hit by a car in concord. police tell us the woman is 20 years old and is expected to survive her injuries. the man who hit her is cooperating with police and did not appear to be intoxicated. it happened in an unincorporated part of woodhaven vend drive. san jose police said they were forced to open fire when a suspect driving a stolen car backed into an unparked police cruiser and parked car accelerated towards an officer. he died of his injuries and a passenger was taken in for questioning. >> he tried to accelerate at a high rate of speed.
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>> they fired one shot towards the suspect... >> it is the second shooting for police involved shooting this month and we have more coming up. a series of bombings in and around baghdad has killed at least 56 people an injured 200. the attacks come on the 10th anniversary of the u.s. led invasion of iraq. that is also -- has also generated its own share of controversy, good morning alex. >> reporter: this is honoring those killed in the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan. thousands of white crosses, each one has the name of somebody killed in combat and there are actually 4,000 crosses but many more dead,
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they simply ran out of room and they put up a sign with an accurate count, it reads 6702. they had an idea to plan the crosses after the iraq war began. his friends own this hillside property. a week ago they had been application sue -- they had public support and then it was not long before they grew tired of the war and the weapons of mass destruction. vandals have torn out the crosses from time to time describing it as an eye sewer. some say they want to keep the crosses up until all u.s. service members return home although it is unclear if and when they will ever be removed. this has certainly become a
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special place to honor the dead and today the beginning of the war in iraq could be a day that many people come down and choose to honor those killed in come last. alex -- combat. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. students at the valley middle school in santa rosa will return from where they are. >> it is so crazy he is not here with us anymore. it seemed like yesterday we were just playing basketball. >> yesterday he was watching his cousin race and they killed them both. a memorial sits outside their shop and they are looking into whether a detachable steering
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wheel malfunctioned. the president will attend four funds raisers during his visit. two of the fund raiser will be in at they are tonight. -- will be held close to that area. the senate is expected to approve a spending bill. the measure will again go to the house and ask for president barack obama to pass the spending bill or face a govern. shut down. the bigger battle over the 2014 bill continues. and they have a policy meeting later this morning but ben bernanke and his colleagues
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are not expected to make any changes. they are discuss -- discussing rising home prices. workers and customers joined in a didn't tracing outside -- demonstration outside the postal service yesterday. but post master generals say they are representing $22 billion of revenue. the postal service has lost 27% of its male as well as packaged shipping companies. we are learning about a planned attack. it appears a former student pulled a fire alarm to draw
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students out into the open and then he went back to get weapons. when officers arrived they found the student suspect dead of a gunshot wound and they found rounds of ammunition and four homemade bombs. >> we received a call from another resident and he said his roommate had point add weapon at him. >> he said the student was not inn rolled and was in the process of being removed from the dorm. in ohio two teenage girls were arrested for the high pretrial rape. they raped a 16-year-old girl at a party last august. the 15 and 16-year-old girls used facebook and twitter to threaten and harass the victims.
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>> he made my cousin cry so when i see you it's going to be a homicide. i take it seriously. now the girls are being held in juvenile detention and in court later today. >> instead of that, it is hosting super bowl 50. they will give up millions of dollars in revenue and this follows months of closed door negotiations where they can afford the longest of demands and they will host super bowl 50. let's check in with sal. >> looks good so far. we have not had a lot going on. let's look at the pictures on the east shore freeway, as you drive through there are no major probably bents, as you --
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problems, as you come through there are no major problems getting into san francisco and we do have a little bit of wetness, what is it going to be like today? let's go to steve. we don't have a lot of tree and things are already moistening up. the moisture cap goes well and it will continue to drag cloud cover and we need a low before it gives enough dynamics and then rain beginning to develop. it looks more like an evening event but it was chilly. you can see, it looks like we
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will cloud it right back up on us and there is not a lot of rain until we get back here. chilly morning even though there are breaks in the clouds, 60 to near 70 degrees and cooler showers takes us to thursday with a clipper system but i don't think it will do too much. and singer brings the concert to a grinding halt. how singer michelle shock left her audience shocked as well. we have local charities worried and we will have more on how you can help. >> we have more coming up on
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the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. good morning lots of clouds cover, a few 60s and some 70s. >> this morning oakland police continue to search for an armed suspect. officers were called to the area after reports of an armed robbery. police shut down several streets as they conducted a manhunt. officers used a taser to arrest one man but the other man got away. they believe he is still carrying a weapon. we are learning more about police activity at the site of a home invasion. police made two arrests on the side of hill born street. it happened two cards away -- two yards away where an elderly man was found shot to death in his garage. it is the 6th homicide this
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year. it feeds thousands of families in the east bay and the shortage comes at a time when the need is growing. a spokesperson said the food bank had a 20% increase but the food is leaving faster than it is coming in. san mateo counties are also low on donations. mta is meeting about a taxi app. they may soon require realtime information about where their cabs are and when they will be available. third-partyers will need to connect with cabs. right now they are challenging for special events. critics already have smart phone apps and centralizing data is not the best way. if they are approved, the app
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could be available by summer. a san francisco supervisor targeted unrulely areas where planned parenthood offers reproductiontive services. this comes after they had confrontations there at the facilities and hospitals will be excluded. they are apologizing after folk singer michelle shock went on an antigay rant at her show. she shocked the audience bayousing der interrogator are you slurs against gay people and then told the crowd to tweet what she said and many people walked out. >> they started talking about hipocracy and the bible and took it to a whole another
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level and said some words that offended everybody in the venue. this is the first time in five years they had to shut down a show. shock is banned forever here and others are canceling her upcoming shows in light of her comments. there is a yoga problem and you can see it right there and lemon has stopped the shipment deemed too sheer. they affected 17% of the pants in the stores and any of them can be returned. they are more than 6% after the companies said the recall will hurt it's financial results. they will take on puerto rico at at&t park. >> fans packed the park.
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fans from the dominican republic is part of their national recovery and they make it to the final, game time in san francisco is 5:00 and i have been watching some of their games. very exciting. >> it is nice to have it here too. >> sal has traffic any problems, sal? >> we are looking at the chp list, there is a new crash, northbound 880, that one just came in. let's look at the east shore freeway and that one is coming as you are driving through and on the bay bridge approach, i do see some flashing lights perhaps from some roadwork but it is not causing a big delay. we do have some pretty good looking conditions at this time. 4:48 let's go to steve. well, we had a lot of cloud cover, but probably more later
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than sooner. mostly cloudy day, there is plenty of moisture streaming well into the pacific. it is more into tonight and rain develops, could be light at times and it will be cooler and it is one and done, we had a little bit of rain last night. you can see the breaks in the clouds but it will not last too long. they had a couple of upper 30s and there is a southerly wind to develop, we just need for that low to move closer towards us and the heaviest rain will be towards the north. some light rain is developing more likely for the afternoon commute, 50s and 60s to near 70 degrees and we will keep an unsettled pattern. maybe it is holding all the way to sunday.
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. welcome back, a powerful winter storm, two days from spring. this is a video from connecticut. as much as 20 inches of snow could fall in some areas today. anybody flying to new england in particular should call the airline ahead of time. >> starting today, drivers on highway 4 could expect some delays between pittsburgh and antioch. they will be closed from 5:00 in the evening until 5:00 thursday. traffic will be detoured to summersville and leverage road. >> it could soon be illegal to light up in palo alto parks. they are scheduling a recommendation to ban smoking at many locations.
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supporters of the plan said they received numerous complaints about smoking and litter at the parks but they also received a d-rating for its smoking policies. and electronic cigarettes will be considered in contra costa county it will be banned where smoking is already banned and people who celek front nick -- electronic cigarettes must have a license. >> >> voters in washington approved a referendum legalizing marijuana and now some business owners are taking advantage of a tourism boom. seattle tourism officials have no plans to advertise the availability of marijuana just yet. >> i think we are cautious and
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conservative of what the federal approach will be. they are also settling something for pot based tourism. the ncaa basketball court is one of the final steps to get ready and business owners are gearing up for very busy days. >> typically it will be bigger than a sharks' game. people will be coming over all day long. >> cal is set to be at the arena thursday and st. mary's will be at tennessee state in the first four. get your brackets ready. last time they were there, i got to go when the bruins were playing. >> yes, you heard him say it is going to be bigger than a
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shark's game. it is be good >> it is exciting. >> yes, northbound 101, that traffic tints to look good -- continues to look good as you drive to the split no major problems. also westbound bay bridge as you drive through no major problems there and on the peninsular the traffic is looking good and we have been looking at southbound 101 and burlington and all the way to palo alto, san mateo bridge traffic is moving along well but eastbound is approaching a construction zone and steve has been talking about some of the overnight rain and i saw it this morning on my windshield so give yourself some extra time. >> sal, last full day of winter. >> yes . where has the time gone, steve? >> you know, sal, it is going
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fast, isn't it? >> yes, thank you sir. we have cloudzy skies and sal is correct we had very light rain overnight and we had cloud cover and it will start to pick up and mostly cloudy rain develops more likely overnight into tomorrow and heaviest rain will be into tomorrow. morning rain into tomorrow and then a cooler pattern, it looks like high pressure builds back in and there is plenty of cloud cover and you heard it right there. there are a few breaks in the clouds and temperatures even though they are in the 40s and 50s, yesterday we had some upper 30s and there is plenty of cloud cover, they are holding it up from the equator and unfortunately the low is here and if we can merge the two would help. as it stands we have a little bit of cloud cover so cloudy, rain a chilly morning even though we have mostly cloudy
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rain, a cooler afternoon for most, still some upper 60s and 70s. cooler with showers and clearing in on thursday and sunny and warm, maybe a slight cool down but nothing big. coming up, an early morning mass celebrating the new pope, what the leader of the roman catholic church had to say. a shooting in the bay area, where it happened and what led up to that gunfire, we will be right back.


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